Mo Gerngross

Artist Statement

Color is my main motivation. As I work serendipity reinforces my purpose and I find success in the juxtaposition of color and stroke to create balance and unity. My larger paintings are made in my home studio on large pieces of canvas pinned to the wall. My smaller works are on heavy watercolor paper, canvas, or panel. I often start with a base color as inspiration. I will work on a number of paintings at the same time over many months.

I use acrylics and oil as a joyful celebration of color and brushstroke to achieve depth, structure, unity, and balance in my work as in life. Impasto brush strokes, whip marks, and drip lines weave intense color and communicate my exuberant state of mind as I work. 

I continue to embrace abstraction as well as continue my artistic education in more traditional painting and drawing techniques. I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings as much as I do in the creation of them.

Cerulean Gallery Installation, "What's the Frequency" Series. Feb. 2021                Cerulean Art Gallery Solo Exhibition, 2020